Father ‘felt like crying’ after tanker crashed into Aylesbury home

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The occupant of an Aylesbury house which a milk tanker crashed into this morning says he doesn’t know where he will be living at Christmas after the incident.

David Rhodes, who lives in the Ellen Road house with his two children, aged 15 and 11, said he had just dropped his girlfriend at work when he was called about the crash.

Mr Rhodes, 36, said: “There’s a great big hole in the side of my house and we have got nowhere to live.

“It’s beyond belief.

“I have got two children and it’s Christmas next week.

“I felt like crying a little while ago but I’m fine now.”

Both Mr Rhodes’ children were at school when the incident happened and the house was empty apart from his cat, which was uninjured.

The lorry driver, who suffered minor injuries, returned to the scene as officials assessed the damage.

There was a confrontation between the driver and Mr Rhodes, who said: “Accidents happen but he hasn’t even said sorry.”

The tanker mounted the pavement, narrowly missing a lamppost and crashed into the side of the end-of-terrace property, completely destroying an outer wall and leaving a large hole in the side of the house.

The property is owned by the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust who said in a statement: “Following the accident this morning, our primary concern is for the resident.

“We have a Decant Officer on site who will assist the resident in moving to alternative accommodation until their home is repaired.

“Our repairs team is currently cooperating with the police on site. Once we have ascertained the extent of the damage we will ensure the property is structurally sound and secure.”

The tanker belongs to milk distribution firm Wincanton and there is no link to the Arla megadairy in Aston Clinton.




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