Awwwwwwwwwww! Aylesbury mayor shows off his new baby

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Mayor Tom Hunter-Watts and his wife Ayse are getting used to life as parents following the birth of their son a week ago.

Emre arrived at 10.48pm after an induced labour at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and weighed 6lb 7oz.

The Mayor, 42, said: “It’s been a total shock. I wouldn’t say I thought it was going to be easy but I had read a few books!

“It said there are six reasons a baby cries and when you find out it’s none of them, you’re at a complete loss.

“I have been looking on a bit helplessly but I’m trying not to do that. Ayse has been amazing.”

Ayse, 34, whose family is from Turkey said Emre is named after a Turkish poet.

He had to spend two days in hospital after the birth, as the labour proved difficult, but is now getting used to his Green Acre home in Aylesbury.

Mr Hunter-Watts said: “They were a bit worried at one stage and when they said the baby was distressed, you have to trust them.

“But they made it very clear that the baby needed to come out now.

“Ayse was incredible at getting totally in the zone of pushing and out the baby came!

“As long as he was healthy, I didn’t mind how long it would take.”

The proud parents are hoping to bring up Emre as a speaker of English and Turkish.

Mr Hunter-Watts said: “They say he should read in English first but we’re talking to him in Turkish too.

“You have to be quite disciplined about it but it will be a key life skill which gives you twice as many opportunities in the world.”

The mayor admitted being a dad is tiring and he had to cancel an early-morning mayoral engagement last week after just half an hour of sleep.

But he is looking forward to returning to the hospital, where he works as a nurse, to show off the photos of his new baby boy.




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