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'Betting shops make you fat' says health official

Betting shops make you fat, says health official

A prominent health official has said that it is not fast food that is the biggest cause of obesity - but BETTING SHOPS.

Roaming abroad is cheaper as of today

Sun, sea and cheaper roaming charges from Saturday

If you’re heading to the continent for a short break this bank holiday weekend - good news! From Saturday 30 April EU regulations mean it will cost you less to use your smartphone outside the UK.

Travis Perkins has been fined �2m after the death of a customer

Travis Perkins fined £2 million after death of customer

A leading builders’ retailer has been fined £2 million following the death of a customer in an “accident waiting to happen”.

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Why the BHS collapse is a wake-up call for Marks & Spencer

Hundreds of stores the length and breadth of the country and a high-profile presence on our high streets for decades, yet fighting a worrying decline in sales and stalked by the sense that it has been too slow to recognise the true scale of the internet revolution.


Woolies finally disappeared from our streets in 2009

Five big names that disappeared from our high streets

Today there was difficult news for the British high street as it was revealed that British Home Stores has filed for administration, putting 164 shops and up to 11,000 jobs at risk.


UNDER FIRE: National fast food chain KFC

Investigation launched after researchers find faeces on ice in KFC drinks machine

Fast food chain KFC has launched an investigation after a BBC researcher was served ice with bacteria from faeces on it.


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Number of people buying groceries online surges

More people than ever before are shopping for food online with an extra £1.2 billion forecast to be spent doing the groceries via the internet this year.


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Potentially dangerous fuses recalled by Poundworld

Fuses being sold by discount store chain Poundworld have been recalled over fears of a potential safety issue.

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Budget supermarket recalls mixed vegetables due to undeclared allergens

Lidl is recalling packs of ‘Green Grocer’s brand of Mexican, Gourmet and Oriental Mixed Vegetables 750g because they contain milk, gluten, soya and celery which are not mentioned on the label in English.

Apparently money can buy happiness

Money really can buy happiness

Money CAN buy happiness - if your purchases fit your personality, suggests new research.

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Household brands shrink while prices go up

Many common household brands are shrinking in price, while costing the same - or in some cases, increasing in price, a new consumer study has reported


Gerardina Taylor and Loredana Foster will realise a dream when they open their own bridal shop LeSposi in Wendover in July

Sisters put the veil into Aylesbury

Two Aylesbury sisters will realise a lifelong dream when they open their very own bridal shop this summer.


Muller and Sainsbury’s recall children’s yogurts due to contamination with bits of plastic

Two different kinds of yogurt have been recalled - one by a major supermarket, and the other by a well-known brand - due to them potentially being contaminated with pieces of plastic.

Thomas Defty with his new television after his old set was damaged by smoke according to Panasonic.

Couple left fuming after they’re told £800 TV has been ruined by them smoking - despite being under guarantee

A couple are kicking up a stink over their broken television – after its maker claimed their smoking left it damaged.


E.ON's website labelled misleading over price claims

E.ON in hot water over misleading website claims

One of the ‘Big Six’ energy firms has been rapped by watchdogs for making “misleading” price claims on its website.

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Alcohol recalled from Asda and Aldi as bottles may contain pieces of glass

Bottles of alcohol sold in Adsa and Aldi may contain glass, the food watchdog warned last night.

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Discount stores forced to recall Disney cookies over allergy fears

A baker has been forced to recall its range of Disney biscuits from some of Britain’s biggest discount stores over fears they could spark an allergic reaction.

IKEA has issued an urgent recall

IKEA issues recall over child strangulation fears

IKEA has issued a product recall over fears children could be strangled by one of its items.

Peter Borg-Neal, CEO of Oakman Inns

Popular pub-restaurant chain achieves rare 3 Star Rating

Oakman Inns, which started life in nearby Tring and owns two venues in Aylesbury Vale, has become only the second pub group to achieve the prestigious ‘Food Made Good’ 3 Star Rating.

As much as �39 million is thought to be down the back of UK sofas

£39 million down the back of the UK’s sofas

UK residents have more than £342 million worth of small change around their homes, a survey has found.


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Major supermarket recalls Annabel Karmel Disney food over contamination fears

A major supermarket chain has removed from sale a selection of Annabel Karmel / Disney food products as a precautionary measure.

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VIDEO: iPhone SE released today

The iPhone SE is officially on sale from today.

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