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The NHS faces a huge deficit

NHS Trusts in England rack up deficit approaching £1bn

NHS trusts in England have racked up a deficit approaching £1 billion in the first three months of the financial year - the “worst” financial position “in a generation”, regulators have said.

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Tesco carrier bags issue: Photo PA

VIDEO: Tesco shopper becomes first ‘victim’ of 5p carrier bag charge after run in with security video

A shopper has become the first victim of the 5p carrier bag charge after she was accosted by security staff – for using a basket to transport her groceries to her car.


ISS in the night sky. Photo: Paul Williams / via Flickr under creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

When to see the International Space Station fly over Oxfordshire in October

The International Space Station (ISS) will once again be visible from across the county over the next few weeks, starting tonight.

Vulcan flying over Gaydon in Warwickshire. By Mike Baker.

VIDEO: Vulcan XH558 display ahead of farewell flight tour

A celebratory national tour of the world’s last flying Vulcan XH558 will take place across the country this weekend.


�93,000 worth of Tesco garlic bread has been removed from shelves

£93,000 worth of Tesco garlic bread removed from sale after Trading Standards discovery

Nearly 70,000 packets of garlic bread slices worth £93,000 have been pulled from Tesco shelves in the UK after an investigation found some were underweight.


Rare Amur tiger cubs havee been born at Woburn Safari Park

VIDEO: Rare Amur tiger cubs born at safari park video

A pair of new arrivals has been welcomed at nearby Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire with the once in a generation birth of two critically endangered Amur tiger cubs.

plastic bag

5p carrier bag charge law comes into force today: are you happy to pay?

A 5p charge for single-use plastic bags takes effect in England today (Monday) in an effort to spare the environment from the billions handed out by UK supermarkets every year.


The new Consumer Rights Act gives more guarantees to shoppers. Image: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Shoppers know your rights: 30-day refund becomes law and includes digital purchases

The biggest shake-up of consumer law in a generation has come into effect this week to strengthen, clarify and modernise protection for shoppers.

NHS chief aims to protect small regional hospitals

NHS chief aims to protect small regional hospitals with specialist care

Patients will benefit from “world-class care” closer to home under new plans from the head of the NHS.

Royal Mail are taking on thousands of extra staff to help with the Christmas rush

Royal Mail taking on 19,000 staff to handle Christmas postbags

Royal Mail has announced plans to recruit 19,000 workers to help deal with the seasonal increase in post and parcels.

Aldi is recalling yogurts

Warning to Aldi customers with nut allergy as supermarket withdraws Specially Selected Yogurts

Aldi is ​​withdrawing its Specially Selected Yogurts as some pots may contain hazelnut yogurt, which is not mentioned on the product label.

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Children are getting pocket money from parents for help with 'digital chores'

Children earning pocket money for ‘digital chores’

Tech-savvy youngsters are cashing in on their know-how - with nearly half of parents saying their children earn their pocket money in return for carrying out digital chores, research has found.

Children are getting pocket money from parents for help with 'digital chores'

Mobile phones and tablets top burglars’ hit list

New research has shown a sharp spike in insurance claims for mobiles and tablets as burglars increasingly target next generation devices.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has been attacked by anti-HS2 campaigners for his pitch to China

Campaigners condemn George Osborne’s business pitch to China for HS2 contracts

Anti-HS2 campaigners have attacked George Osborne’s decision to launch the bidding process to build the high speed rail line.


Councillor Ian Hudspeth, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council NNL-150119-124630001

Oxfordshire council leader speaks about refugee crisis in Europe

Oxfordshire County Council leader Ian Hudspeth has said he is ‘shocked and saddened’ by the refugee crisis in Europe.

The Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service logo ENGPNL00120131224123118

County’s fire and rescue service meets tough targets for call outs

Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service has for the first time met the tough target it sets itself for the amount of time it takes to attend an incident.

Bucks has launched a Safe Place initiative for vulnerable people

“Help vulnerable people – and boost the economy”

Businesses in Bucks are being called upon to help vulnerable people and their carers by joining up to a scheme which offers them a safe haven in their hour of need.

Children are getting pocket money from parents for help with 'digital chores'

Schoolchildren ‘tired in class after waking up to look at social media’

One in five schoolchildren wakes up in the night to look at social media, a new study has warned.


Its party time In the Night Garden as CBeebies TV channel is saved.

BBC children’s channel saved after thousands sign petition

Popular children’s TV Channel CBeebies has been saved from the chop after a national campaign saw 130,000 people sign a petition to keep it.

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Shoppers should already be planning for Christmas if they want to avoid ending the year in debt, analysts have warned. Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Less than 100 days to Christmas: five ways to avoid going into debt

You may not want to hear it, but shoppers should already be planning for Christmas if they want to avoid ending the year in debt, analysts have warned.

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A British Airways plane leaving Heathrow Airport

How Bucks could benefit from Heathrow expansion

Members of a business group from Bucks have been learning about the opportunities that could arise if there is an expansion at Heathrow Airport.

Sir David Jason, who lives in Wendover, has revealed he was threatened by a man wielding a knife while filming for Open All Hours

Sir David Jason lifts lid on time he was threatened with knife during filming for Open All Hours

Acting legend Sir David Jason has revealed he was threatened by a man wielding a knife during filming of Open All Hours.

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Marks & Spencer recalls children’s rattles over safety concerns

M&S is recalling around 400 children’s rattles over concerns that the balls inside the toy could fall out.

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Supermarket Habits

New carrier bag charge rules come into force from October

From October 5 all large shops across England will have to charge five pence for all single use plastic carrier bags they provide.


Thames Valley Police logo

Police defend policy on tackling rural crime after damning report

Thames Valley Police says tackling rural crime ‘is and will continue to be’ a priority for the force after damning criticism of policing from the National Rural Crime Network.


Save CBeebies! Anxious sarents have launched an online petition amid fears BBC could axe children's channel

Save CBeebies! Parents launch petition to stop BBC axing popular children’s channel

Parents have launched a petition to save CBeebies after reports the BBC is considering axing its toddler and pre-school channel.


You won't believe some of the dirtiest surfaces when travelling by air

Germs on a plane: The dirtiest things when travelling by air revealed

There’s no better way to test your body’s immune system than by subjecting it to air travel according to a new report.


Cost of the weekly shop is on the rise

Cost of our weekly shop has jumped by 8% in last 12 months

The cost of basic food and non-alcoholic drink in supermarkets may be rising a lot faster than previously thought.

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