Kids grab their detective hats to solve mystery ‘crime scene’

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Pupils at Ashmead Combined School were shocked when they walked into their very own ‘crime scene’ on Tuesday morning.

As part of studying The Nutcracker in English, the school staged a learning drama with a classroom trashed.

More than 150 pupils, aged five to seven, spent the day looking for clues and working with Thames Valley Police and Bucks Herald chief photographer Derek Pelling and video reporter Natalee Hazelwood.

Head of key stage 1 Cheryl Pyper said: “They (the police and The Bucks Herald) really helped us out in making it a real experience for the children.”

The children will eventually discover the mice from the novel caused the damage.

Ms Pyper added: “It sparks their enthusiasm and it makes them want to do lots of writing.

“The children lead their own learning, really. They love coming to school, every day is a different day.”

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