‘I’ll be the one with a stuffed toy and a lion’


There are three things going on in Thame this week that I feel, as Social Secretary for the town, I should draw your attention to.

Firstly, Friday and Saturday see the October Fair (known to one and all as the Little Fair) move into the top car park.

As a kid the Little Fair always used to be a bit of a let-down really, because you could hardly hang upside down, scare yourself witless or need to grip on for dear life while sitting in the spinning tea cups.

That would have looked silly. However, as a proud parent I now see that the Little Fair is a chance for the town’s Little People to come out and play.

Last month’s Fair was all flashing lights and booming bass (the sound, not the fish), and the younger children now get a chance to reclaim the streets as their own, with a spot of gentle hook-a duck or the mini-roundabouts. Enjoy it young ‘uns.

At the other end of the scale, the Arts and Literature Festival comes to town with its ‘scream if you want to read faster’ attitude.

I like a bit of culture, me. The posters say they have Pam Ayres, some people off the Archers and Charles Dickens coming to town as well as Aslan the Lion. Which should be interesting.

They also have Mary Berry, who tells people off if they don’t bake cakes properly.

Like Miss Nockles did when I was at school. What a name for a teacher of pre-pubescent boys by the way.

But I digress. “TAL Festival is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the arts and to meet the people responsible for much of the literature we read.”

That’s what it says on their website so the very best of luck to those involved and it would be very churlish of me to point out the spelling mistake smack in the middle of the website home page, wouldn’t it? I suppose it must be modern art.

And finally this week I had a very nice email from those very nice people down at Thame United telling me that they have a Family Fun Day going on at the ASM Stadium this Saturday when they play Fairford Town in the FA Vase.

There’s a Bouncy Castle and a barbecue and the FA Vase could lead to a Wembley final eventually so it should be a good game to watch.

Me? I like to support as many local events as I can so here’s your chance to find out who the mysterious Thamensian is – I will be the one standing at Thame United, holding a stuffed toy won at the Fair, chewing on Mary Berry’s macaroons, with a lion on a bit of string at my side.