Hoard Hunters unearth mysteries of Thame treasure

Hoard Hunters (left to right) Gary Brun, Mike Webber and Gordon Heritage.
Hoard Hunters (left to right) Gary Brun, Mike Webber and Gordon Heritage.
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Thame will tonight be the subject of a programme following two of Britain’s metal detecting hot-shots in their quest to unearth hoards of treasure and unlock historical mysteries.

The History Channel’s Hoard Hunters Gordon Heritage and Gary Brun visited the town to unearth a hoard of Medieval silver groats and gold rings.

The hoard was first unearthed in 1940 by a man walking his dog along the banks of the River Thame.

Intent on returning to the site with their top-of-the-range metal detectors, the boys believed there was more fortune to be found.

However, the fact that the hoard was first found more than 70 years ago and that it was on the banks of the river made it especially challenging to dig out the treasure.

In the show the third member of the team, archaeologist Mike Webber, sets out to find out who buried the hoard and why.

To do this, he visits Prebendal House, which was once the administrative arm of the church and now belongs to Robin Gibb’s widow, Dwina.

A trailer for the episode says: “With the hunt under way, the boys realise there is a lot of ground to cover in a limited time period. And as the clock ticks, Gary starts to doubt Gordon’s detecting strategy. Will Gordon be able to pull Medieval spoils out of the bag and salvage the dig?”

The episode will air at 10pm on tonight (Tuesday).