Sisters’ stick up for caring firms

Jayne Connery
Jayne Connery

Two Bucks sisters are setting up a ‘dementia friendly’ system for businesses which they hope will go national.

Joanna Cripps and Jayne Connery want shops, restaurants and anywhere else people with dementia might visit to be trained how to deal with people with the condition. They will then display a sticker in their window saying they are ‘dementia friendly’.

The pair got the idea after their 77-year-old mother, who has the disease, received varying treatment in Bucks.

Aylesbury resident Mrs Cripps said: “We want to highlight it and make people more aware of how they can help.

“It’s small things that can make a difference, like giving her more time to think about something. It might seem insignificant but it means a lot.”

Pub chain Chef and Brewer has agreed to use the stickers and the sisters are planning to first target firms around Bucks. If it takes off they would like to provide companies with a full information pack on dementia.

Mrs Cripps said: “We are hoping it will travel well and that people will see the benefits of it. Hopefully it will go far and wide.”

Crucial to the scheme’s success is securing a sponsor and the sisters are working hard to find one.

Ms Connery said: “We are a family who have seen when our mother goes into places how it can be improved and all we want is dementia to be understood.”