Guide leader leaves after 15 years

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A leader at Dinton Guides is having to give her post after 15 years.

Sue Napier, who has lived in the village for 18 years, sent a letter to parents advising them she is giving up guides due to personal reasons and work pressure.

“The guides need a warranted guider for insurance and safety reasons,” Sue said, “but there’s no reason why much of the load, even the leadership, cannot be shared”.

She has told parents that she is happy to help run the unit for one more year but she has found it difficult to give guides her usual level of support. She would like to thank all those who have done so much to help which she has greatly appreciated.

“There are spaces for four girls at guides and we meet on Wednesday evenings at Stone C of E Combined School, although this is negotiable and not fixed,” she added.

Sue is one of many people who live in the Dinton area who devote their time to others, who organise things often at their own personal expense, whilst at the same time bringing children, running a home and trying to earn a living.

She said: “The girls are wonderful, the best ever, and there is still the link with Pebble Brook, so I do wish to remain in a supportive role.”

She firmly believes that being involved with guiding is something that is good to have on a CV and that it gives those who might be thinking of working in a school, returning to teaching or starting a career in a caring role an opportunity to gain useful experience.