Grants available for young stars

Last year's yuong achievers
Last year's yuong achievers

YOUNG achievers in volunteering, sport and the arts are being given the opportunity to get a grant of up to £250.

The district council has made £20,000 available to children with outstanding talent as part of its Young Achievers Awards.

Three different types of grants are available for children aged 11-18.

Young achievers can nominate themselves for a sports and arts award but the citizenship awards are by nomination only.

They are designed to reward youngsters who help out in the community through projects such as volunteering in an old people’s home.

Cabinet member Bill Service, who is responsible for the grants, said: “I am so pleased the council is able to offer young achievers a reward for their effort as we are committed to supporting young people.

“The citizenship award, in particular, provides a unique opportunity for us to recognise young volunteers for the incredible work they do, which often goes unnoticed.”

The closing date for applications is October 31.

Visit for forms.