Fuel panic hits Aylesbury as motorists flock to forecourts

Petrol station very busy with people panic buying fuel
Petrol station very busy with people panic buying fuel
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PETROL station forecourts in Aylesbury have been inundated with motorists stockpiling fuel in the wake of government advice this week.

High demand has caused garages up and down the country to run dry with Aylesbury’s garages under intense pressure as more and more people opt to fill up their tanks.

Retailers have said usual deliveries would ensure supplies were replenished nationwide while ministers have clarified advice to motorists ahead of a possible fuel drivers’ strike - telling them to refill tanks when half empty.

The panic has set in after government calls to “top up” tanks with drivers ignoring calls not to queue.

In Aylesbury, Tesco’s Tring Road forecourt has been packed for most of the day while On The Run on Oakfield Road has closed several of its pumps.

Around 90 per cent of UK forecourts are supplied by about 2,000 tanker drivers in the Unite union, which is threatening a strike over their working conditions and pay.

A Dowing Street spokesman said: “People just need to do the sensible thing if they’re going into the petrol station. They should get a full tank of petrol, not a half-tank... and they should top up where necessary.”