From Spiderman to Pippin on Broadway

Matthew James Thomas
Matthew James Thomas
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After performing on Broadway as Spiderman , multi-talented actor Matthew James Thomas now opens on the starry street as Pippin in the musical of the same name next month (April).

With a score by Stephen Schwartz, whose previous credits include Godspell and Wicked, the show about a Royal heir and a mysterious group of performers includes sizzling choreography and breathtaking acrobatics.

Matthew, whose family still live in Wendover, admits the role demands a lot of physical energy and he has to take care of himself.

Speaking exclusively to The Herald from New York he said: “Climbing poles and being thrown around the stage is useful for keeping my heart rate high. I run. Eat a lot of protein and broccoli.”

Matthew, who had a starring role in the television series Britannia High and has also appeared in Midsomer Murders, Casualty and the films Billy Elliott and About a Boy, said he considers it a huge privilege to be appearing in a leading role on Broadway.

He said: “I look at what all of a sudden is miraculously surrounding me and revel in the moment.

“I love that I’m lucky enough to be here and trying to do the best job of it that I can.”

Matthew’s proud parents Peter and Linda and his sister KT, who run a theatre dance school in Aylesbury, will be flying out to New York to see him in the show.

Matthew said: “My parents are incredibly supportive and I love having them in the audience because I know they are so involved and committed to getting immersed in the world of theatre.”

In addition to acting Matthew is also a talented musician and writer. He plays piano and guitar and is currently finishing off his first album of original songs.

He’s also working on a musical for the stage with musical director Ian MacGregor. Originally called Anastasia the title has now changed to Malenkaya, which in Russian means ‘Oh little one’.

Matthew said: “Over the last four years we have been pulling this thing together.

“It excites and intrigues me for so many reasons.”