Fresh challenges for charity team

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THE Thame Gazette and Racquets Fitness Centre are joining forces to create a charity challenge team for the town.

It will be set up to aid Thame residents by carrying out challenges and tasks that are perhaps beyond the reaches of the person suggesting it.

Readers can write in to the paper to ask for the challenge teams help for anything they wish to raise money for.

This could range from something as simple as sorting out overgrown gardens to scaling the heights of Mount Kilamanjaro.

Team leader Martin King said: “There is a lot of people out there within the Thame community who need our support. We, the challenge team, can help.”

The core of the team will be made up of members at Racquets, who already have experience in charity challenges, most recently the 10 peak challenge, which was featured last week.

But they are looking for more people from the community who are willing to help out, either by offering their time or skills such as building or plumbing.

Already 18 people and the Thame Rotary Club have signed up to be part of the challenge team, with more stating their interest.

If you would like to request a challenge or a worthy cause for the team, or want to get involved, email your suggestion to

The team will then look at the applications and select the most suitable ones to take forward.