Fire chief urges people on Willows estate not to use their toilets as he confirms one out of ten homes have been flooded

A fire chief has estimated that around 10% of homes on the Willows estate in Aylesbury have been flooded.

Speaking from the flooded area, Doug Gruchy, station manager at Aylesbury Fire Station, said: “We estimate 10% of homes in the Willows were directly flooded with the remainder at risk.

Flooding in Brotheridge Court, Aylesbury

Flooding in Brotheridge Court, Aylesbury

“The brook is still full of water with a chance of it being overwhelmed with further rainfall.

“We’re advising people not to use their toilets – that would overwhelm the system and people would get a mix of floods and sewage.

“We have done what we can and insured everyone is safe.”

There are more than 500 homes on the Willows, meaning at least 50 homes have been flooded.

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