Farming Matters: Today’s Bucks County Show is a tradition to be proud of

Bucks County Show secretary Mrs Alison Baylis
Bucks County Show secretary Mrs Alison Baylis

Today’s Bucks County Show is a date we all look forward to in our household.

It regularly falls on or very near to my wedding anniversary and thus provides a perfect opportunity for my husband to suggest it is our anniversary outing.

The apparently inconsequential fact that I am invariably working there in my capacity as a journalist seems to slip his mind.

And so while he enjoys admiring the animals and the machinery and indulges in the food on offer to clients in the NFU tent, I spend the day endlessly walking around the showground interviewing anyone and everyone.

Someone else who works non stop throughout the day is show secretary Alison Baylis.

I know better than to call her for a chat in the days leading up to the show.

But I know from previous conversations that she spends a year preparing for each show, and these final weeks and days are particularly stressful.

Her work on the next one will start as soon as this one ends, and she likens it to a family wedding.

Because there is so much work to do for just one day and then it’s all over.

But she can take a lot of comfort from the fact that so many people have a memorable day out thanks to her efforts.

Of course plenty of other people are involved in the creation of the show too.

Entrants to the classes spend months getting their livestock, horses, vegetables and baking skills in tip top condition, in the hope the judges will award them a rosette or a certificate.

It truly is a day to be proud of and a great opportunity to be a part of one of our county’s most enduring traditions.

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