EXCLUSIVE: Is this Aylesbury man 113? Guinness World Records called in to verify ‘19th century’ dad

Ghahreman Pardis today, on his wedding day and with his daughter, Shohreh. Pictures by Derek Pelling
Ghahreman Pardis today, on his wedding day and with his daughter, Shohreh. Pictures by Derek Pelling
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The second oldest man in the world could be living right here in the Aylesbury Vale.

Ghahreman Pardis’ original passport says he was born on November 2, 1903, which would make him 109. But his family says his age was changed to avoid national service in Iran and that he was really born in 1899 – making him 113 and 69 days.

If true, it would make Aylesbury resident Mr Pardis the second oldest living man in the world. Now the family are calling in the Guinness World Records team to try to verify his age.

Mr Pardis could not speak when the Bucks Herald visited him, but his daughter, Shohreh Pardis, said: “When he was very young somebody told him he was going to lead a very long life.

“Now he has told us he is going to live to 120. The rest of the family have health problems but he has nothing, apart from his hip.”

Mr Pardis, born in Azerbaijan, is now in a wheelchair but when he lived in Iran he was a keen sportsman, excelling in boxing, wrestling, football, volleyball and basketball.

His contribution to the country, not just as a champion boxer but also helping to develop sports centres, was so great that when his time for national service came, the Government reportedly lowered his age so he could continue his good work.

When his playing days were over he went into coaching, becoming involved with the Iranian national football and basketball sides and touring the world with them.

He and wife Maryam had four children and came to Aylesbury in the mid 1980s after moving to London to be with family already in England when he was 65.

Mr Pardis was a skilled actor, dancer and singer, and his daughter said he has always been generous. She said: “He was always helping people, be it with money or food.”

Britain’s oldest verified man, Reg Dean, died on Saturday aged 110 and 63 days. The world’s oldest living man is Japanese Jiroemon Kimura, who is 115.