Emotional plea for ring that was sold for 20p

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A FAMILY is making an emotional plea to try and retrieve a sentimental diamond ring that was mistakenly sold at a Tetsworth car boot for 20p.

The ring, which belonged to Charlotte Coombs, got mixed up in a box of costume jewellery and was sold by accident on June 26.

The Coombs family have been left devastated by the mistake and have been searching for the ring ever since.

Husband Lee said: “We were just trying to make a few bob to buy things for our son but we ended up getting rid of something money cannot buy, now we have that feeling of kicking ourselves all the time.

“It was a gift from her mother, it isn’t old but my wife and her mum are very close.

“She has not worn it for a while because her hands got bigger when she was pregnant so she has had to take it off but was fully intending to wear it again one day.”

Lee and Charlotte are regular visitors to car boot sales to look for gifts for their one-year-old son Isaac and waited especially for the first one of the year at Tetsworth.

Lee said: “It is our favourite one because you can pick up good things for kids but we wanted to raise cash first. So we saved ourselves for the first one of the year and it was probably one of the biggest ones I have seen.

“Ironically it wasn’t until near the end that the ring was actually sold.”

The family have since put posters out at subsequent car boot sales and would be over the moon if it finally got returned.

Lee said: “It will just be a massive relief for Charlotte, her mother has been very reasonable about it but it is just the horrible thought in our minds that if we hadn’t made that mistake, none of this would have happened.”

If you bought the ring, or know someone that did, please call Lee on 07958 658415.