Eight of ten patients rate Bucks hospitals as good or excellent

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The Care Quality Commission’s annual national inpatient survey looks at a wide range of areas, from arriving at hospital, to the quality of care received and discharge arrangements.

The survey found that 79% of inpatients questioned said the quality of care they received was between good and excellent, and 78% said they were ‘always’ treated with dignity and respect.

The trust, which runs Stoke Mandeville Hospital, had improved in several areas from the previous survey.

This included patients being admitted as soon as they thought it was necessary (72%), patient admission dates not being changed (82%)and staff completely explaining the risks and benefits of the operation or procedure in a way that patients can understand (82%).

However, there were four areas out of 70 where the trust performed less well than in the 2011 survey.

These were for patients being given enough privacy when being examined or treated in the A&E department, discharge not being delayed due to waiting for medicines; patients being told how to take their medication in a way they could understand, and patients being asked to give their views on the quality of their care.

Lynne Swiatczak, chief nurse, said: “It is rewarding to know that the majority of our patients found care standards to be high and that they were treated in a way that was dignified and respectful.

“While the report contains positives, we know that there is always room for improvement and will be looking to build on its findings, focussing on areas where we did not perform as well as previous surveys.”

She said the trust was using its patient experience group to develop action plans to improve services.