DJ off air after Savile magazine tribute at hospital BUT now it has been removed

The tribute to Jimmy Savile
The tribute to Jimmy Savile
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A DJ has resigned in protest after Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio continued to distribute magazines paying tribute to Jimmy Savile.

Chris Dickens, 45, resigned from Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio after it handed out the magazine despite the Savile sex abuse scandal.

Mr Dickens said: “I’m just angry about the whole thing. I don’t feel we should be handing out these magazines. What is the reason for it?

“People are reading them in the hospital as we speak.

“If these things are true, he was an absolute monster.”

The self-titled radio magazine was produced prior to the scandal but pays tribute to Savile on one of its pages.

He is referred to by those who worked at the radio station and people who knew him as a ‘great man’.

The magazine was eventually removed on Tuesday but radio secretary Carol Jenkins was keen to stress it did not receive any complaints from staff or patients at the hospital.

“We didn’t in our wildest dreams ever mean to cause any offence. The reason I volunteer here is I absolutely love working for the staff and patients.”

The DJ took his concerns to the radio station committee but was told they would still be circulated which prompted him to resign with immediate effect, despite having spent seven years volunteering at the station.

“I’m thinking there’s no smoke without fire. There’s too many accusations for this to be fabricated,” he added.

“I cannot continue promoting a station that does this.”

Ms Jenkins paid tribute to Mr Dickens and said it was ‘sad’ to see him resign.

“He’s made a great contribution. He’s a man of great principle and it’s really sad he felt had to resign over this.”