Debut record aims to ‘look below surface for secrets’

Bethany Weimers
Bethany Weimers
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FLORENCE without the Machine or Kate Bush in a cathedral – just some of the descriptions for the promising debut album of former Aylesbury High School student Bethany Weimers.

The alt-folk singer will release Harpischord Row on May 7, from her own label called 1784.

The 31 year old, whose parents still live in Haddenham, said: “The real Harpsichord Row is a place in Oxford’s St Clements, this strange landmark that everyone knows – but no-one knows why.

“It is left over from a row of houses. So I took the idea that if you look below the surface there’s a world of secrets and history and people really shape the world around them.

“I also have songs about nature and how we are all connected on the album as well.”

Bethany’s dad used to run a record label, which helped inspire her to set up her own label. She said: “Anyone can release songs, but I have a little bit more experience because my dad has been doing something in the industry. He had a dance label and so I grew up knowing something about the industry.”

Now based in Oxford, Bethany named her record label after one of her relatives.

She explained: “I took the name from one of the songs in the album. 1784 was the year that my great great, great grandfather was born. He was called John Hagger and he was born in Suffolk and moved to London in his 20s.

“The song is about the idea of emigrating to get somewhere for a better life – like people were doing then and even nowadays. I like the idea that his path of choices has ultimately led to where his children were and then their children.”

Bethany left Aylesbury High School in 1998, after studying GCSE and A-level music, and went on to study for a masters at the Guildhall School of Music. When asked about her hopes for the album, she replies: “I would like them ultimately to just enjoy the experience of listening and get to the end of the album and want to go back and listen again.

“Then, after several listens, to get into the lyrics. But ultimately I would just like people to enjoy hearing it.”

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