‘Petty bush thieves are wasting our town’s money’

Thame Town Council's maintenance team are unimpressed by the theft
Thame Town Council's maintenance team are unimpressed by the theft
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Thame’s mayor has slammed criminals for their ‘petty theft’ after stealing bushes from a local park.

The five laurel bushes were taken from Elms Park on Sunday and the town council has appealed for support in finding the culprits.

The foliage had been planted by the council to improve the look of fencing in the area and chicken wire had been installed around the roots to prevent them from being stolen.

But this proved no match for wire cutters and left Mayor Nigel Champken-Woods shocked.

He said: “I was speechless when informed. What is the world coming to when someone goes to this length to acquire five laurel bushes?

“They must have gone and looked at them and then gone back home and got a set of wire cutters.”

To make matters worse just last year bedding plants were stolen from the entrance to the park.

Mr Chamken-Woods added: “ I hope the residents of Thame will keep their eyes open and report any such happenings to the police.

“What point is there in investing public money – your money - to improve our town if this sort of petty theft happens?”

The councillor said the theft was also a shame for Friends of Elm Park which is determined to improve the area.

He added: “They are going to be horrified.

“They are trying to improve the park and then this happens.”

The council is asking anyone who has any information or saw anything suspicious to contact on email at oss@thametowncouncil.gov.uk or call it directly on 01844 212833.