Crafty new look for Morrisons

View, Morrisons Aylesbury
View, Morrisons Aylesbury

Aylesbury’s Morrisons store is undergoing a £500,000 facelift which will help showcase the traditional skills of its staff.

The supermarket in Station Way has already begun its transformation is the latest to be turned into a ‘Craft Skills Academy’.

Morrisons is revamping the interior and will focus on the talents of its staff such as butchers by installing a counter so customers can see processes like sausage making at work.

Store general manager, Gary Hunt, said: “When the work is finished and the counters are more open-plan we hope more customers will approach our specialists and tap into their knowledge.

“The work is progressing well, the new ceiling is finished and the shop feels brighter already. The next stage is to fit a new energy efficient refrigeration system. Shoppers have been very patient while the work is being done and we’re really grateful.”

The ‘Craft Skills Academy’ promotes training through its in-store apprenticeship scheme.