County Show Characters: The teenage stockwoman

Elizabeth Carnell with her grandfather's cows
Elizabeth Carnell with her grandfather's cows

Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Carnell showed just how special her relationship is with her grandfather’s British Friesian cows as she sprawled out alongside them to rest in the cattle lines after judging.

Two cows and a calf from the Langley pedigree herd in Slapton were taken to the County Show and each won a fourth place.

Grandfather John Carnell said: “I’m very pleased with the day and have Elizabeth to thank, she did all the work.”

Dressed smartly in white blouse and trousers Elizabeth led the cattle in the ring in classes which included in-milk heifer and in-milk third calfer.

She said: “I halter trained them, and clipped and cleaned them. They are well behaved.

“If you are quiet and patient around them they stay calm.”