County Show Characters: The sheep farmer

Sheep farmer Richard Haynes from Winslow
Sheep farmer Richard Haynes from Winslow
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Sheep farmer Richard Haynes was working into the night combining his spring barley until midnight before getting up at the crack of dawn to take his North Country Mules to the county show.

Mr Haynes, from Winslow, said: “I’ve brought 14 sheep, fat lambs, older ewes, ewe lambs and theaves. We normally do all right, we’ve had champions for three years on the trot, although not last year because we didn’t come as we were too busy harvesting.

“It’s a big commitment to show, it takes 12 months. You have to look out for the better sheep, find your pairs, keep them together and keep them sound and make sure they don’t lose condition.”

Mr Haynes won and came third in Class 205 (two theaves of any crossbreed), second in Class 206 (two ewes of any crossbreed) and third in Class 204 (two ewe lambs of any crossbreed born in 2013).

He will now be returning home to continue with the harvesting.