County Show Characters: The NFU secretary

Aylesbury National Farmers Union secretary Virginia Stollery
Aylesbury National Farmers Union secretary Virginia Stollery
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Aylesbury National Farmers Union secretary Virginia Stollery hosted the NFU tent with her colleague Simon Parker, providing sandwiches, cakes and drinks for members and giving them an opportunity to rest their legs and have a chat in the comfort of the marquee.

Mrs Stollery said: “We come here every year, it is important for us to be here, a lot of our farming clients come to the show.

“All we want to do is have a chat. I receive a lot of hospitality when I visit members in their homes and this is a chance to give it back.

“We are not trying to do business here today, it’s public relations. I am 100% in favour of Bucks County Show, it is staffed by volunteers.”

One of those volunteers is Mrs Stollery’s husband Ray who is the show press officer.

She said: “I haven’t seen him today, he will be very busy, we’ll catch up at the end of the day.

“He’s usually worn out by then but he enjoys it. If a high profile person is visiting he is usually looking after them.”

In her praise for the show she said: “This is an important showcase for farming. Because of the good weather we have got a lot of people here today from town, which is marvellous. I hope they enjoy the Sheep Show which is brilliant and there are lots of horse classes for people to enjoy as well.

“The committee are very dedicated to keeping this principally as a farming show. There are a lot of farmers stewarding and on the committee.

“For those who didn’t come this year, try coming next year, it’s a lovely day out in the countryside with a big variety of trade stands, agriculture, shopping, home and garden.”