Council deputy: Tring Road traffic lights are working well

The new lights at Bedgrove
The new lights at Bedgrove
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Tring Road’s new traffic lights are already bringing benefits, according to one senior councillor.

Councillor Sue Polhill, deputy leader at Aylesbury Vale District Council, said now all the lights have been switched on the traffic situation has improved.

Mrs Polhill said: “Highways have done their job there. There was no congestion when I came back up Tring Road.”

However, at an AVDC meeting last night other councillors were more critical of Aylesbury’s roads.

Former deputy leader Michael Edmonds said it had taken him and other councillors an hour to get back from a site visit to the Arla dairy, near Aston Clinton, because of congestion.

Mr Edmonds said: “It does get up my nose a bit when the county plays fast and loose with us over their highway visions.

“The traffic that side of town is horrendous.

“If it’s like that now it can only get worse.”

Councillor Paul Hughes, Lib Dem, agreed with Mr Edmonds, saying Aylesbury is ‘choking to death’ with traffic.

Mr Hughes, who represents Coldharbour, said: “It’s just a mess. Where’s the strategic thinking, the long-term planning?”

Councillor Peter Cooper, an independent, added that the town is a traffic ‘nightmare’.