Conservative council defies Government’s new planning ideas

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Politicians have moved to defy the Government’s idea to override council and relax planning laws.

Aylesbury Vale District Council passed a motion to oppose the Government’s idea that would see planning permission required only for those reaching beyond eight metres for detached homes and six metres for others.

It also opposed the secretary of state’s idea that Government should have the power to override council and developer agreements on the number of affordable housing units allocated to planning permission.

Councillor David Vick, Liberal Democrat, said: “It is time we send a very firm message to Government about what we are here for.”

Lib Dem Councillor Corry Cashman proposed the initial motion in October and raised fears that it could lead to neighbourhood disputes and ugly developments springing up.

The Government has said it hopes the move will help boost the building sector and that it expected the ‘vast majority’ of councils to back the changes, but it will now be challenged by Aylesbury councillors.

The motion read that the council believes ‘local people, through their local authorities, are the most suitable judges of what development is acceptable in an area’.