Chance to watch Bucks health talks

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People are being urged to tune in to discussions on changes to health services in Bucks.

The county council’s health and adult social care select committee will be sitting down with NHS officials to review the progress of the Better Healthcare in Bucks programme, which led to a restructuring of services last year.

The meeting will be held at County Hall in Aylesbury on July 12 and people can either attend or watch live over the internet.

Select committee chairman Lin Hazell said: “We really would urge people who are interested in the NHS to try to watch this meeting so they can come to informed conclusions based on the discussions.

“Our committee, which is made up of democratically-elected councillors, will be approaching this with an open mind.

“We will listen to health officials, ask questions where appropriate and agree any action required.

“Whatever we decide after this meeting, I can reassure the public that this is not the end of our involvement as we will continue to monitor local NHS services, and our next meeting in September will look at recent concerns over the quality of local hospital services.”

The meeting is due to start at 10am.