Callum Mortimer’s different take: American Pie is still a tasty comedy treat

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It’s been 13 years since their first outing but, at last, the original American Pie crew are all together again in American Pie: The Reunion.

So what can we expect from Jim and co?

Well, it’s exactly what one would imagine a reunion movie would be.

Everybody has grown up (well, almost everybody), got married, jobs and had children. But, to be fair, this is no ordinary reunion movie. Because although they’ve grown a lot older, in a way they all still act the same.

It’s understandable to see why a reunion movie like this would be so highly anticipated.

The original three movies ran between 1999 and 2003 grossed approximately $750 million.

Its unique selling point was that it was dirty in the funniest way possible, but it also outlined the blooming relationships and close friendships amongst the group which gave the movies that real sense of heart and soul that most comedies of it’s type lacked.

So how does this one match up to it’s predecessors?

The nine year gap between the wedding and the reunion means that the feeling of nostalgia runs rampant from beginning to end.

Times have changed whether they like it or not, unless of course you’re Stifler, still determined to get hold of any good looking girl he sets his eyes on. It seemed like the writers watched the old movies to see how many classic moments they could cram back in. However, the standout moments came surprisingly from Jim’s Dad, he finally starts to step out of his awkward shell and grows to become a bit more awesome. SMALL SPOILER: Stick around for a cheeky post-credit scene with Jim’s dad and Stifler’s mum.

In truth, ‘American Pie: Reunion’ is a great film, but it no longer has the exciting kick that it had back in the late 90s.