By Dickens, books now in digital age

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An audio-book charity for visually impaired people has converted Charles Dickens’ Pickwick Papers and Old Curiosity Shop into MP3 format.

Calibre Audio Library in Weston Turville received funding from The Dickens Fellowship.

It means they can be listened to on smartphone.

The Dickens Fellowship, founded in 1902, is a worldwide association of people who share an interest in the life and works of Charles Dickens.

James Murray, Chairman of The Dickens Fellowship says: “The Fellowship is delighted to be able to support the work of Calibre in bringing some of the greatest stories ever told within reach of people who would not otherwise be able to read or hear the works of Charles Dickens.

“Dickens himself drew attention to the difficult lives of many of his contemporaries through his work and I think it would be fair to say that the work of this excellent organisation, Calibre, is something that he would have wholeheartedly approved of.”