Vale’s victory in new unemployment stats

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THE number of people on out of work benefits in the Vale is half the national average, according to new unemployment figures.

The statistics, released last week by government officials, has shown Aylesbury Vale to be coping far better than average in the recession in relation to employment and earnings.

The results are particularly outstanding, as unemployment in the UK is now the worst it has been in 15 years – based on official statistics from the last financial year.

Moreover, the worst area in the country is said to be the south east.

According to the data, workers in the Vale are paid around £65.90 more a week than the average earner in Britain.

The area also has 4.9 per cent fewer people who are ;economically inactive, and 2.8 per cent less people who are unemployed.

Youth unemployment, a subject of great concern nationally, is also better in the Vale than in the rest of the country, with just 4.5 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds claiming jobseekers allowance – whereas nationally the figure stands at eight per cent.

The number of jobseekers allowance claimants aged between 25 and 49 and 50 to 64 has also been proven to be positive, with 1.8 per cent of 25 to 49 year olds claiming in the Vale, compared to 3.9 per cent as the national statistic. And claimants aged between 50 and 64 is also just 1.3 per cent in the Vale, rather than two per cent nationally.

Rupert Waters, research manager for economic pressure group, Bucks Business First, says such figures show an optimistic future for the Vale’s financial situation.

“The statistics are very encouraging, especially when looked at in greater detail,” he said.

“The majority of claimants for example are mainly young people who have just finished college courses and they make up the majority of the fall in the figures.

“While the figures are still higher in the Vale than before the recession, there’s still a case for optimism.”