‘This would have an adverse impact’: Campaigner takes incinerator battle to courts

Christopher Prideux
Christopher Prideux

A Vale man has taken his battle to the High Court to prevent a waste incinerator being built in Calvert.

Christopher Prideux, of Doddershall, near Quainton, argued the facility, which converts waste to energy and would have a 300 foot chimney, breaks several legal regulations, particularly legislation aimed at protecting wildlife.

Mr Prideux told The Bucks Herald: “The area is surrounded by sites of specific scientific interest. They have butterflies, a number of which are on the rare list which means they are nationally important.

“They have some on the European protected species list. Then there’s this whole number of bats. In particular the Bechstein which is the rarest of the rare. They criss cross all across the road. This incinerator would have a very adverse impact.”

The campaigner has previously said the council figures of saving a 30 year nominal of £150 million are not realistic and that it would be less than £1 million a year.

He believes that rather than simply burning the waste (in a mass burn incinerator) the authority could use an advanced thermal treatment, where the gas that the rubbish produces is burnt in a much smaller building – which the company that is going to run the Aylesbury Vale site is proposing for Milton Keynes.

The incinerator was given the green light by Bucks County Council in September and if it does go ahead around 300 construction jobs and 64 permanent jobs are expected to be created.

Mr Justice Lindblom is expected to give his judgement in writing in two to three weeks time.

Comment from Bucks County Council to come.