Business takes swing at new golfing world

Paul Gibbons
Paul Gibbons

A golfing businessman has taken a shot on a new website which connects players around the world.

Paul Gibbons, owner of Leaderboard Golf and The Oxfordshire Golf Club in Thame, has teamed up with Nearest2the in website.

The site connects golfers around the world and matches them up to location so there is always an opportunity to tee off alongside like-minded golf enthusiasts.

Signed up members can invite other golfers to play a round or use the messaging system to arrange a time and a place to meet.

Mr Gibbons said: “We are very excited about working with Nearest2thePin and are pleased to offer this innovative tool to all of our members.”

Mr Gibbons has taken the world exclusive right and licence to promote the service for the next 15 years through his own online discounted golf course service, Leaderboard Tee Times.

He added: “We hope it will enhance their experience of Leaderboard Tee Times by connecting players all over the country.”

Nearest2thePin founder, Jay Pidgeon, said: “As someone who travels extensively for business, I grew tired of sitting in a hotel room when I could have been out on a course.

“Our goal with Nearest2thePin is to help golfers find other golfers, anytime, anywhere.”

You can go online and visit the website at