Bird cam! Rare birds nest on top of council offices can be viewed live

Peregrine Falcoln
Peregrine Falcoln

A pair of peregrine falcons have laid an egg after returning to their nesting platform on top of County Hall.

And budding ornithologists have the opportunity to see exactly what is going on in the nest, via a live web feed.

The egg, which is expected to hatch in May is in a unusual place for the fastest birds in the world, which traditionally nest on coastal cliffs.

Over the last two decades bird watchers have increasingly seen the falcons begin to move into towns and cities, where tall buildings provide perfect nesting sites.

Another factor that has tempted them to Aylesbury is the plentiful food supply in the form of flocks of feral pigeons.

Peregrines were first observed regularly in Aylesbury in the winter of 2006 and two years later a nesting platform was erected at the top of county hall. The birds first bred successfully in 2012 and have hatched young every season since.

This a brand new platform is in place on the county tower courtesy of Serco. The company donated the time and staff to build it and also provided the materials with RAF Halton.

The Aylesbury peregrine project is supported by Aylesbury Vale District Council, Buckinghamshire County Council, Bucks Bird Club and the Local Wildlife Trust.

Councillor Howard Mordue, AVDC cabinet member for leisure, said: “It’s great that the peregrines have returned to the new nesting platform.

“We hope that the first egg will hatch in May and that the young bird will go on to fledge successfully a few weeks later and join its parents in the skies above the town. Hopefully there will be more eggs to come - but for now it’s all good news.”

Live footage of the nesting platform can be viewed at