BBC want farming family for ‘future’ debate

Radio discussion
Radio discussion

A farming family is being sought by BBC Radio Four to discuss their business and plans for the future.

The programme will be part of a new six-part series to be broadcast in November and will feature conversations over the preparation and eating of lunch.

Producer Dawn Bryan, who comes from a farming family herself, said: “This is a time of great change in farming, with many families leaving the industry.

“There are big changes in the rural population and young people feel it’s not viable or interesting and it’s just too hard.

“Ideally we’d like to visit three generations of the same family who can give different viewpoints on the dilemma of whether to carry on in farming or to sell up; and who would be willing to allow us in on their debate.”

Ms Bryan admits it is a tricky task to ask a farming family to talk about private and emotional matters on national radio, but she is convinced it will be of interest to listeners.

“Farming families are unique,” she said.

“They are so connected to the land and their animals. It’s not like selling a family shoe factory business. I believe non-farming folk will be fascinated to get an insight into the realities of farming life.

“Farmers who do sell up have a sense of bereavement; but is it sensible to continue making capital investments when no-one wants to take the farm on in the future?

“On the other hand, what is the alternative? Many farmers just carry on until they drop.”

The programme will be recorded during September/October.

If you would like to be considered contact producer Dawn Bryan in Salford call 07712 872467.