Aylesbury Muslims celebrate historic united Eid

Muslims across Aylesbury are celebrating Eid today
Muslims across Aylesbury are celebrating Eid today
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Muslims across Aylesbury are celebrating the end of Ramadan, in an Eid celebration which is united for the first time in living memory.

Every mosque in the UK has agreed that today is the end of the holy month of fasting, and family and friends will celebrate with good food, prayers and the exchanging of gifts.

The decision to have one Eid was made at 9.30pm last night, and many cab firms in Aylesbury have closed so that staff can spend the day with their loved ones.

In previous years different dates have been declared for Eid by different mosques, causing a somewhat disjointed celebration.

Tuffail Hussain, the Mayor of Aylesbury, said: “This year it has been decided that everyone from every mosque in England will have Eid on the same day, that is a very good feeling.”

And Councillor Raj Khan, who represents Elmhurst and Watermead on Aylesbury Vale District Council, said: “We were so hoping that we would manage to get one Eid and it has happened.

“It is a historical event, if you look at all the other Eids they have been different, this is a big, big day for everyone and the people of Aylesbury are absolutely elated.”