Aylesbury is UK’s toughest on sex offenders

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A higher percentage of sex offenders are banged up in Aylesbury than anywhere else in Britain.

The latest figures show 94.1% of sex offenders found guilty at Aylesbury Crown Court are sent to jail straight away.

Wales’ Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court is the next best with 89.7%, while neighbouring Oxford locks up just 70%.

The figures, uncovered by Tory MP Philip Davies, show 72.2% of burglars are given instant jail terms by Aylesbury Crown Court, 76.2% of robbers and 63.3% of people found guilty of drug offences.

Mr Davies, MP for Shipley, said: “It is a farce that where you commit an offence determines what kind of sentence you get. It is also a scandal.

“Ministers should be naming and shaming soft judges.”

The Ministry of Justice said sentencing is a matter for individual judges who have the facts before them.

Despite the figures for sentencing sex offenders at Aylesbury Crown Court being tough, there are a large number of registered sex offenders not in jail in the wider region.

It has been revealed the Thames Valley area has the seventh highest number, 1,404, of registered sex offenders who are not behind bars out of the 43 police forces in the country. It is the second highest total in the south east.

In other figures for crown court sentencing in Aylesbury from 2010, it was revealed 50% found guilty of violence against the person are given immediate custody and 48.4% of people were locked up for theft and handling stolen goods offences. Meanwhile, 33.3% of people found guilty of fraud and forgery were immediately jailed.