Authors coming out of the woodwork for mardibooks

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A Bucks Herald competition has helped unearth hidden writing talent around the Vale.

A number of potential authors have taken the opportunity to submit their work to e-book publisher mardibooks after this paper gave readers the chance to win four hardback publications.

Joint founder Belinda Hunt, of Wingrave, said: Quite a few people wrote in having seen the Bucks Herald competition and we’re delighted by the response.”

Among would-be authors is Ellie Etchells, of Apsley Guise, who is writing four children’s books aimed at helping youngsters overcome problems they may face.

Buckinghamshire writer Michael Macauley has also submitted his first adventure thriller Dangerous Chimes.

Mardibooks was founded in 2011, since when it has published 14 titles, five of them in hardback format. This year it aims to publish 24, many of them online e-books, by authors who otherwise may have slipped through the net of the publishing world.

Mardibooks encourages authors to submit work and then proof reads all material, offering advice and encouragement, subbing and rewriting and in some cases offering publishing contracts, with generous percentages.

With more than 30 ‘mardiwriters’, 900 watchers online and 2,000 Twitter followers, mardibooks has come a long way in a short time.

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