Asda open all hours from Monday

Asda opens in Aylesbury on Monday – but the local hero who will perform the opening ceremony is still top secret.

Nominations poured into the supermarket chain, but the winner won’t be revealed until later this week.

James Stuckey - manager of the new Asda store in Mandeville Road, Aylesbury

James Stuckey - manager of the new Asda store in Mandeville Road, Aylesbury

Spokeswoman Lauren Wynne-Williams said: “We had some really lovely stories, suggesting people who have done a lot of work in the community.”

The winner has been chosen by a panel including store manager James Stuckey, who has relocated from Wales.

He said: “I am very excited about the opening. I’ve been here for just over 12 weeks and I am counting down the days to the opening.”

The 10,700 sq ft supermarket near Stoke Mandeville Hospital has created 75 new jobs for local people. It will open at 10am on Monday and will operate a 24-hour opening policy.

It will open at 6am on Modays and remain open until 10pm on Saturday with restricted opening on Sunday 10am-4pm.

Teams of shift workers will keep the store open and much of the custom is expected to come from workers on their way to and from work, as well as from the nearby hospital.

Mr Stuckey said: “We are expecting a lot of trade from the hospital and we have catered for this with cards, magazines, flowers, and toys.”

Other attractions include a coffee machine at the entrance and bacon butties on offer from the bakery section.

Workers can grab their breakfast on the way into work, and do their shopping on the way home.

Tills include fast lane self service scanners, hybrid tills with belted fast lanes for use by self scanners or store staff, and regular tills.

The car park has spaces for 112 vehicles.

Unlike most Asda stores there will be a charge, and this is because of the proximity of the hospital.

Shoppers will be charged £2 for one and half hours, refundable when they spend £5.

Ms Wynne-Williams said: “Discussions are still taking place about the car park and there may be alternations to the way it is operated in order to improve it.

“Head office has given a lot of thought to the traffic. We will have marshalls in the car park to help avoid queues and one of the reasons for the 24-hour opening is to try and avoid causing heavy traffic at particular times.”

Mr Stuckey said: “We are all really excited to get the doors open and welcome our new customers through the door.

“Local residents can also look forward to the launch of our Aylesbury Community Life initiative which we will be announcing in the very near future.”