Are you smarter than a 10 year old?

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CHILDREN at Long Crendon School beat off 180,000 other pupils to reach the finals of a national quiz competition.

But the question is, are you smarter than a 10-year-old? Below are examples of the questions children had to answer to get to the finals. How did you find the test? Let us know by emailing

1- Which African country is immediately south of the British territory of Gibraltar on the southern tip of Spain?

a) Morocco

b) Tanzania

c) Egypt

d) Nigeria

2- Who commissioned the building of the Tower of London in the 11th Century?

a) Richard I

b) Henry VIII

c) William the Conqueror

d) James I

3- Where is the Mojave Desert?

a) Asia

b) Africa

c) Australia

d) North America

4- What is the longest UK river?

a) Thames

b) Severn

c) Trent

d) Wye

5- What is a turbot?

a) Fish

b) Insect

c) Tree

d) Bird

6- What is the language spoken in Uraguay?

a) Portuguese

b) French

c) Spanish

d) Italian

7- What army rank is directly below Captain?

a) Major

b) Lieutenant

c) Colonel

d) Sergeant

8- In 1957 the Russians launched a satellite. What was it called?

a) Sputnik

b) Voyager

c) Soyuz

d) Kremlinswer

9- What type of rock is sandstone?

a) Igneous

b) Sedimentary

c) Metamorphic

d) Volcanic

Answers: 1) Morocco 2) William the Conqueror 3) North America 4) Thames 5) Fish 6)} Spanish 7) Lieutenant 8) Sputnik 9) Sedimentary