Ancient art will keep your kids busy over half term in Aylesbury Vale

An 'icon' or ancient religious art exhibit by Constantina Wood
An 'icon' or ancient religious art exhibit by Constantina Wood

ART classes teaching ancient drawing techniques begin this week at St Mary’s Church.

The icon school is run by the church’s artist in residence Constantina Wood.

Icons are religious images painted on a solid wood panel.

The design is created by putting seven or eight layers of gesso – or chalk mixed with glue – which is then sanded down so it feels like marble.

Afterwards a picture outline is traced onto the wood, which is decorated with gold leaf and layers of natural pigments found in the earth.

A variety of daytime and evening classes are on offer each Wednesday.

From February 13-17 Constantina will be running a half-term sacred art course for 8-11 and 12-16 year olds.

The classes will teach children how to make cave paintings and Aboriginal art.

For details call Kim Hopping on 01296 437641 on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday or pop into the church on one of those days.