62 arrested on suspicion of drink-driving in Bucks

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More than 60 people have now been arrested in Bucks as part of a police Christmas drink-drive campaign.

The 62 people arrested in the county between December 1 and 15 account for 43% of the 143 held on suspicion of drink-driving in the ‘Is it worth the risk?’ campaign.

Of the other arrests, 44 have been made in Berkshire and 37 in Oxfordshire.

During the campaign so far, 121 men and 22 women have been arrested.

In total, 73 of the arrested people have been charged, with 49 bailed and 21 released with no further action.

The campaign, which runs until January 1, will see police targeting individuals they suspect of driving under the influence of drink or drugs, both on the way home from nights out and the morning after a heavy night.

Chief inspector Henry Parsons said: “It’s worrying that some people are still making the wrong choices, deciding to drink and drive when there are alternatives available.

“Drink driving is dangerous and it kills or seriously injures many people each year, devastating families.

“I’m grateful for the public support for this campaign that has helped us to be in the right places, at the right times to make these arrests.

“We’ll continue to target drink drivers every single day of the year, not just during campaign periods. It isn’t worth the risk.”