Back in Time c.1900: Walton Road now and then

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This is Walton Road near the turn of the 20th century.

It may seem like nothing has changed in this view but in fact most of the buildings seen here no longer exist.

Walton Road c.1900

Walton Road c.1900

The reason for this is due to a parachute mine that landed in 1940 at the back of a property called Walton Grange, the large barn belonging to it can be seen on the right. The mine severely damaged Walton Grange, buildings adjoining it and also some on the opposite side of the road.

They were shaken to bits by the blast wave.

What a great shame this event happened as it is very likely that these old cottages and barns would still be here today.

The only old buildings left in Walton Road are those opposite the HSBC bank and a handful further down by the Millwrights pub.